“All companies benefit from Travel Clearing’s seamless and innovative payment solution.”

Have you just returned from a conference or a meeting with a wallet full of carelessly folded receipts? Would you like to know what the event really cost, including all employees’ expenses and travel and without lost receipts and travel expenses submitted late? And also be able to get all the accounts directly in the right cost centre?

It is perfectly possible.

Together with CWT Meeting and Event, Travel Clearing can now offer the same receipt-free payment for meetings and conferences as for hotels, rental cars and other travel logistics. You can now book a meeting or a smaller conference, with food, drink and activities, through your travel account with everything paid, arranged and posted in the right cost centre. And no manager needs to pay out money for the lunch.

No-one else is currently able to offer their customers this unique solution.

“It makes things easier for our customers when they can avoid getting their card out or collecting receipts for accounts and, with Travel Clearing, each transaction ends up directly in the right account.”

So says Fredrik Hermelin, Head of Sales at CWT Meetings & Events. His office is located in Stockholm, but his workplace is the world.

CWT – Carlson Wagonlit Travel – is one of the top three companies in the world when it comes to travel, events and meetings in the business world. CWT Meetings & Events has a presence in 68 countries. It is part of The Carlson Group and is the market leader in the Nordic Region. The company has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Helsinki, where 84 employees manage travel logistics, conferences, training sessions and event content for the corporate world.

 Fredrik Hermelin, Head of Sales at CWT Meetings & Events.
Fredrik Hermelin, Head of Sales at CWT Meetings & Events.

“We have extensive experience of practical work when it comes to content and logistics and also of identifying the purpose and goals of a meeting, event or training session.  We naturally attach great importance to personal contact and our talented employees are there to provide creativity and experience.”

“We want to make things as easy as possible for our customer. A seamless transaction solution in which everyone is satisfied naturally forms part of this. Together with Travel Clearing, we can offer that”, says Fredrik, and talks about the wide range of CWT’s activities.”

Assignments can vary and can involve anything from helicopter transport to one of the 450 oil platforms in a stormy North Sea or conferences in any metropolis in the world for large multinational companies to booking speakers and artists for an event or a travelling salesperson’s hotel nights.

Fredrik says that new needs require new solutions and that skills development through experience is a clear trend in an increasingly globalised world. “There is rapidly growing demand in the Nordic Region for corporate events with clearly-stated strategies, objectives and experiences and CWT Meetings & Events has reported strong growth and increased sales for the fourth year in a row.

“Together with Travel Clearing, we are the first in the world in our industry to be able to offer a global on-line solution through www.cwteasymeetings.com, where the customer need only press “pay” and Travel Clearing’s technological solutions take care of the rest”, says Fredrik

“It feels innovative, flexible and exciting and will be tremendously important to us in the future.”

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