Imagine if travel claims wrote themselves.

Imagine if travel claims wrote themselves.

Did you know that almost all travel expenses can report themselves? You simply have to book and travel and that’s it. All the way into the accounts. No receipts, no forms. That is what it’s like for those who combine a Travel Account from their credit card company with Swedish Travel Clearing’s smart system.

You know what it’s like with travel expenses. The receipts that are so big that you forget them in your hotel room, and those that are so small and crumpled that they simply vanish. Which is a pity when it is a taxi receipt for 725 kronor…

Then a form has to be filled in with where you travelled, why, and perhaps even with a cost centre or a project number. And if you don’t have a receipt then it becomes expensive. Moreover, those who receive your receipts have to do the same thing – but ”in reverse”. That’s a lot of hours of paperwork.

No card – no receipts

If your company uses a Travel Account from American Express, First Card or Eurocard/Diners, together with Swedish Travel Clearing’s system, all that administration vanishes in a flash!
It could be said that a Travel Account is like a ”credit card without a card” specially adapted for travel. It is a receipt-free payment method which is partly at your travel agent and partly entered in the apps for taxis, local traffic, trains and other travel expenses which your company has selected.

You book your trip through the company’s travel agent as normal. All information about the trip is then entered directly into the digital invoice through Travel Clearing’s system: Who is travelling, where, when, how and how much the VAT is. The information then goes directly into the business system.
The accounts department has all the information it needs and no receipts are needed. The entire system of outlays and travel expenses belongs to a time gone by!

The system also functions with many apps for public transport, taxis, rental cars and so forth. If, for example, you take a taxi, then you pay with an app and select ”Travel Account” as payment method. Amount, distance, VAT and everything which is needed go straight into your business system. As if it is just you who has travelled, and even with which cost centre.

No outlays and no accounts. Everything is entered in the Travel Account from the beginning . And no vanishing receipts.

A Travel Account linked to Travel Clearing is used by almost 400,000 travellers in Sweden.

How much time would it save where you work?

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