oachim Erenius, Managing Director of Business Travel Agency HRG

”No receipts and no credit cards needed for our customers.”

HRG, the global Travel Agency, is suggesting their customers to use Travel Clearing payment solution to minimize their paperwork and administration. An additional feature of this payment solution is that travelers more likely travel according to company travel policy.

HRG, with 14,000 employees in more than 120 countries is one major player in the Business Travel industry. Already in 2010, they partnered with Travel Clearing with the mission of saving their customers time and money.

– Travel Clearing presented their effective payment service long before any of the big players in the Travel industry. We had customers who wanted to get rid of the process of using credit cards for their employees, instead we started to use an electronical “e-voucher” for hotel bookings, says Joachim Erenius, Head of Client Management Nordic at HRG.

E-vouchers are an effortless solution compared to the old process where you needed to print everything on paper and it saves everyone time and money. An additional bonus is that it will be easier for the traveller to check out of the hotel – like an express check-out.  After implementing this service for hotel bookings Travel Clearing introduced the same service for train bookings, taxis and car rentals.

– A major benefit with Travel Clearing is that you, as business traveller, can go by taxi to Arlanda, fly to Gothenborg, pick up a rental car and go to Skövde, check-in at your hotel, and then go the same way back home again, whitout having to use your credit card once. Everything is paid with your company´s Travel Account and you get back home without a wallet filled with receipts. You no longer have to pay your business expense personally with your own money.

– No Expense Reporting, no administration, no paper, which is of great value for our customers, Joachim Erenius explains.

With Travel Clearing simplicity increases throughout the process and practically they are the link between Travel Agenises and companies Travel Accounts. An additional effect with this payment service is that Business Travelers more likely book approved hotels and airlines according to company´s Travel Policies.

– The advantage for HRG is that we are able to provide our customers with an easy, cost efficient and well working payment service. Travel Clearing charges the customer a small fee for this service, making this a win-win for all parties involved, he continues.

– Implementation on our side, has been smooth and it went very well. We have started to introduce the system in Finland and Norway. Joachim Erenius says.

– When we started to work with Travel Clearing, it was a solution for the Swedish Market, today it is a global solution. On the other hand, Sweden are a predecessor compared to other countries.

– We would like to implement the Travel Clearing payment service to our customers in UK and Germany. It would be nice to have the same setup with all our customers all over Europe, “concludes Joachim Erenius.

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