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Now a days there is a lot of talk about ‘receiptless travel’, and sometimes it can be quite hard to get your head around what it really means. We have collected some stories from people and organizations who use the Travel Clearing payment service.

Catrin Engström, Business Developer, LRF Samköp.

The green industry travels without expense reports

LRF Samköp, a subsidiary to The Federation of Swedish Farmers, has negotiated a unique agreement for the green industry with BCD Travel. The agreement allows all businesses that spend more than €30.000 per year on ...
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Skanska: ”We have reduced our administrative work and have a lot less hassle.”

Monica Wahlberg is in charge of procurement for all travel-related services in construction giant Skanska. The cooperation with Travel Clearing has led to better financial control, fewer errors, and less administration. On top of that, ...
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Evaldas Darskus, Group Travel Manager, Swedbank, No more Travel Expense Reporting for Swedbank Employees.

No more Travel Expense Reporting for Swedbank Employees.

A lot of time is spent on travel expense reporting – and the travel administration is also quite costly. With Travel Clearing’s payment service, Swedbank’s 6,000 business travellers no longer have to manage as many ...
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Per Johansson, Group Travel Manager at Postnord

No Personal Travel Expenses for PostNord’s staff.

With 33,000 employees and 6,100 extradition centres, PostNord is a company with intense business travel. With the help of Travel Clearing, those who travel no longer have to pick up the hotel, rental car or ...
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