Catrin Engström, Business Developer, LRF Samköp.

The green industry travels without expense reports

LRF Samköp, a subsidiary to The Federation of Swedish Farmers, has negotiated a unique agreement for the green industry with BCD Travel. The agreement allows all businesses that spend more than €30.000 per year on travel, to get access to Travel Clearings solution for paperwork-travel. A service that is usually only available for larger entities.

LRF Samköp co-ordinates purchases to offer value-for-money goods and services. Not only for LRF’s more than 140 000 members but for all enterprises in the green industry.

– Our customers can choose which specific agreements they want to join, says Catrin Engström – business developer at LRF Samköp, in charge of travel-related business.

– They can add or remove deals as often as they like. At present, we have agreements with close to 70 suppliers from major car brands to furniture stores.

Travel-related purchases through LRF Samköp’s agreements account for more than € 50 million/year.

– We have many different travel agreements, Engström says.
– One of the most exciting is the one we have made with BCD Travel. This makes it possible for us to offer Travel Clearing’s paperwork-free payment solution.

Travel Clearing’s solution is used by many major corporations as well as by many authorities in Sweden. The typical customer counts their travelers in the 100’s. The agreement that LRF Samköp has made with BCD Travel makes the concept available for companies that travel for as little as €30.000/year.

With Travel Clearing every train ticket, flight or hotel room is paid for with your company’s Travel Account. Every time you book or pay a travel service, your company receives all required accounting and settlement data – electronically straight into your company’s business system.
And without the slightest need for papers or forms or receipts.

The traveler gets an e-voucher or an e-ticket and does not need to save any papers at all.

– Many customers and their employees have spent much time on expense reports and small invoices from hotels. By giving them access to Travel Clearings solution and a travel account, we have helped many companies and travelers to save a lot of time and hassle.

The system saves a lot of time and money, reducing the number of transactions that need processing to a minimum. Instead of many small hotel bills and receipts, all now come on one electronic invoice. Complete with detailed information about who traveled where and when. A side effect is that it is easy to see where people are. You always know which hotel person stays at – and what flight he or she came on.

Another advantage is that this makes travelers more prone to using the travel agency’s services, and by doing so, they will also follow travel policies.

– Not having to make expense reports is a strong incentive for employees to follow the corporate policy, instead of trying to create ad-hoc solutions, Engström says,

She only sees advantages with the arrangement and already has her aim towards the next phase.

– We’re about to incorporate rental cars into the system. That’s something I very much look forward to!

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