Why do we lose receipts but not money?

Why do we lose receipts but not money?

Despite the fact that most of us have never lost a 500 kronor note, many of us have lost a taxi receipt of the same value. Something we usually discover when it is time to submit a travel claim…

In more than 100 Swedish authorities and hundreds of large companies, this is no longer a problem, as Travel Clearing has completely removed all receipts from travelling. Both the paper variety and digital.

This thing about receipts is strange. However careful you are, it is almost more the rule than the exception that a receipt is missing when it is time to make a travel claim. Often it is taxi receipts or tickets from trains or airport buses, but even the hotel’s large A4 receipts have a habit of vanishing in a way that notes seldom do. The result is that it becomes expensive for those of us who travel when we are not reimbursed our money from the accounts department. Or are forced to pay back an amount for a purchase made using the company card.

In more than 100 Swedish authorities, this is no longer a problem, as they are now using the Halmstad-based company Travel Clearing’s system, which makes payment of everything from hotels to underground tickets completely receipt-less. It means NO receipts for travel claims. Not even digital.

When a travel expense is paid – whether directly or through a travel agent – the money goes out directly from the company’s Travel Account.  All information about who travelled, where he or she travelled, and any cost centres, goes directly into the company’s business system. Nobody lays out money and nobody needs to make any travel claims.

Internal administration becomes minimal.

Travel Clearing sets up user profiles for employees both at travel agents and in the different apps which are used for costs which cannot be booked in advance: taxis, local traffic. Booking and payment then take place just as normal, and in line with the company’s travel policy.

”Many systems which state that they are receipt-less have simply converted the paper receipts into JPEGs or PDFs,” says Andreas Brase at Travel Clearing.

”Here the receipts are completely removed. All that is entered directly into the accounts are figures. Everyone is paid on time and the time saving can involve dozens of hours per employee each year!”

Travel Clearing’s system has been used for several years by all of the country’s largest authorities and increasingly by large companies such as PostNord and Swedbank for example.

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