Imagine if everything was as easy as flying.

For most of us business travellers, flying is easy. We simply receive a booking confirmation. No papers, no lost receipts, no expenses to report.
Check in with your mobile and off you go. Everything else is somehow... "just taken care of".

So, if travel was just a matter of going between airports, expense reporting wouldn't be an issue. But - a business trip is rarely that simple, right? Sometimes you go by train or bus. Maybe you rent a car or take a taxi. Not to mention when you have to stay over and need accommodation.

Finally back home, you search your mail box for the railway receipt. And where is that little wrinkled taxi receipt? Not to mention the bus ticket you had in your mouth while getting on the bus - bags in both hands. And the hotel probably put your receipt in a giant envelope.

Then you do your expense report. And someone gets mad because you checked the wrong box. Or forgot the cost centre. Or didn´t think of the bag of crispy chips from the minibar on the hotel receipt.


With Travel Clearing, and a company Travel Account, everything is settled by your employer. No need for you to pick up the receipt.

Whether you book through a Travel Agency or an online app, the payment is always taken care of through an electronic bill - with all the information needed to take the transaction straight into your company's business system. Check out the movies to see how much easier your traveling life will be!

Easier life for business travellers.

With Travel Clearing you get rid of the expense report, avoid filling up your wallet with receipts and no longer have to wait to be reimbursed for all your expenses. Every time you book a trip, a hotel or a rental car through your agency or app, a code is attached to the booking. This code is the key to all information your employer needs for accounting - the transaction goes straight into the business system. Moreover, all expenses are paid for automatically. You simply book and go - and that is that. Watch the movie to see how easy it is.

Easier for people managing other people’s paperwork.

With Travel Clearing all papers and receipts disappear... but in a good way.
All travel expenses are automatically linked to required settlement and accounting data already when trips are booked. This data just rustles through all the way into your business system. So there is no need to chase for missing receipts.
Watch the movie to see how easy it is.

Imagine if everything was as easy as flying.


It can be that easy.

With Travel Clearing everything is paid for with your company's Travel Account (yes, your employer has one even though you might not be aware of it). Every time you book or pay a travel service your company receives all required accounting and settlement data - electronically. Without the slightest need for papers or forms or receipts.


The magic is

that Travel Clearing sees to it that your traveller profile, including required accounting data, is available in all online booking channels you use.


You - or your Travel Agency - books.

Choose "Travel Account" as payment method and off you go. Everything else is taken care of by Travel Clearing.


You no longer need to

pay for business travel expenses or do expense reports. And your employer no longer has to waste time on all the paperwork, attests and payments.

”We started using Travel Clearing in September 2015, we have 6,000 Business travellers using the service and it works perfectly.”

Inga kvitton att hålla reda på!

”Win-win is an overused term but with Travel Clearing this is really the case. All involved parties can save a lot of time and money.”

We have collected some stories from people and organisations who use the Travel Clearing payment service.

Skanska: ”We have reduced our administrative work and have a lot less hassle.”

Monica Wahlberg is in charge of procurement for all travel-related services in construction giant Skanska. The cooperation with Travel Clearing has led to better financial control, fewer errors, ...
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Streamlined visa handling without accounting.

People who travel a lot in work often have several passports and many small and large expenses for visa and other travel documents. Comet Consular is a kind ...
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“All companies benefit from Travel Clearing’s seamless and innovative payment solution.”

Have you just returned from a conference or a meeting with a wallet full of carelessly folded receipts? Would you like to know what the event really cost, ...
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Imagine if travel claims wrote themselves.

Imagine if travel claims wrote themselves.

Did you know that almost all travel expenses can report themselves? You simply have to book and travel and that’s it. All the way into the accounts. No ...
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Pay foreign hotels in the right way – have VAT refunded automatically.

Pay foreign hotels in the right way – have VAT refunded automatically.

VAT which is paid by companies abroad is money which actually belongs to the paying company. However, getting VAT money refunded can be so complicated that many companies ...
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Why do we lose receipts but not money?

Why do we lose receipts but not money?

Despite the fact that most of us have never lost a 500 kronor note, many of us have lost a taxi receipt of the same value. Something we ...
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Despite increased digitalisation, there are a lot of pieces of paper to keep track of.

Despite increased digitalisation, there are a lot of pieces of paper to keep track of.

However, this is something employees at over 100 Swedish authorities do not have to do when they travel. Most people who travel a lot for work take on ...
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Evaldas Darskus, Group Travel Manager, Swedbank, No more Travel Expense Reporting for Swedbank Employees.

No more Travel Expense Reporting for Swedbank Employees.

A lot of time is spent on travel expense reporting – and the travel administration is also quite costly. With Travel Clearing’s payment service, Swedbank’s 6,000 business travellers ...
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oachim Erenius, Managing Director of Business Travel Agency HRG

”No receipts and no credit cards needed for our customers.”

HRG, the global Travel Agency, is suggesting their customers to use Travel Clearing payment solution to minimize their paperwork and administration. An additional feature of this payment solution ...
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Per Johansson, Group Travel Manager at Postnord

No Personal Travel Expenses for PostNord’s staff.

With 33,000 employees and 6,100 extradition centres, PostNord is a company with intense business travel. With the help of Travel Clearing, those who travel no longer have to ...
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