Streamlined visa handling without accounting.

People who travel a lot in work often have several passports and many small and large expenses for visa and other travel documents. Comet Consular is a kind of” forwarding agent for documents” that handle and maintain all travel documentation while letting their clients pay using Travel Clearing and their company’s travel account – entirely without expense reports or manual accounting.

Even if Nordic passports are amongst the best when it comes to visa-free travel, there are still many documents involved for companies with a lot of travelling staff. From  ESTA for someone going to the USA for a short trip to the complexity of translated travel documents for personnel about to work, or do business, in countries with specific bureaucratic regulations.

Comet Consular is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of travel documents and take care of everything for their clients.

– We handle both the “hardware” like passports and visas, as well as all digital documentation says Key Account Manager – Lasse Gahrn.

– It’s our job to keep track of schedules, expenses and all the different rules that apply. You might say that we are kind of a Forwarding Agency. Our clients can rest assured that all their papers are in order and that everything is being taken care of.

A part of Comet Consulars responsibility is to take care of all the costs that are involved — ranging from tens of Euro to thousands. These are costs that generally must be paid in advance for the process to even begin.

– We often deal with numerous small amounts, and even if we charge a handling fee, it is quite straining for our cash flow. We compile all costs in one invoice but there is still much manual labour involved for the client when this is entered into the books on different cost centres and accounts.


Travel clearing comet consular

Simple with travel account.

Comet Consular has for some time offered their clients the opportunity to pay using travel account and Travel Clearing. This makes life so much easier for all involved parties, according to Lasse Gahrn.

Comet Consular has for some time offered their clients the opportunity to pay using travel account and Travel Clearing.

Since every cost is connected to an individual, all vital information is automatically included in the invoices. This results in a smooth passage through the clients business system and all information end up in the proper place at once. We receive our money within a couple of days, and our client doesn’t have to pay any handling fees.

Tobias Person, Head of Sales at Travel Clearing, sees even more advantages;

– Visa and travel documents are just travel expenses. Since Comet Consular sends them into our system, they call for a minimum of manual handling both from the traveler and the employer. Furthermore, the staff no longer have to handle expenses and claims. When it comes to visas the internal administrative cost for each could otherwise exceed the price for the service as such.

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